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Empowering Your Growth Through Experienced Fractional CMO Services.

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Mauna Kea, towering at 10,120 meters, isn't just the world's tallest mountain (from sea level up)—it's a beacon of potential, rooted in the heart of Hawaii's Big Island. It symbolizes the journey of scaling unparalleled heights, embodying the challenge and triumph in unlocking new horizons.

Embrace the spirit of Mauna Kea with Sven Ripper, a seasoned marketing strategist with 24 years of expertise. Transforming startups into industry leaders, Sven has catapulted businesses from zero to $320 million in revenue. Ready to scale your business to its summit? Let's conquer your market's Mauna Kea together.


Unfurl Your Potential with Mauna Kea Koru: Navigate Growth with Vision and Experience

The Koru, a symbol of vitality and renewal, mirrors the unfolding journey of a fern's frond, embodying the essence of growth and new beginnings in Māori culture. This natural emblem, starting as a tight spiral and expanding skyward, signifies the boundless potential within us all.

Embrace the Koru's spirit of continuous evolution and transformation with Sven Ripper, a proven leader whose expertise has nurtured teams from one to a thriving community of over 200. Join Sven in a growth journey that has seen companies expand from 20 to over 4,000 employees. 


Chart Your Global Journey with Mauna Kea Koru: Inspired by Polynesian Pioneers

Hawaiian and Māori, key languages of the Polynesian lineage, carry the adventurous spirit of ancient seafarers who expanded their realms to distant lands, from South America to the Caribbean. This legacy of exploration and boundary-pushing defines the true spirit of international business expansion.

Embrace this bold heritage with Sven Ripper's deep-rooted expertise in transatlantic market growth. 

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